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Evolve Equipment Management - Caring for the Environment

09 March 2011

Evolve Equipment Management is committed to providing Cairns with environmental best practice office machines, equipment and service.

It has never been easier to be "green" in the office, reducing your environmental impact and footprint, helping to protect the precious Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforests for future generations, by choosing Evolve, Cairns’ responsible home / office equipment specialists.

Evolve Equipment Management diverted over 400kg of waste from being sent to landfill in 2010, in a continuing program of recycle and reuse.

Active participants in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark and "Close the Loop" Resource Recovery Program, Evolve Equipment Management recycle all toner and inkjet cartridges, toner bottles and other print consumables.

Through an innovative production process and reuse application, specific to the complex niche of imaging consumables, they turn your office waste into a range of new recycled products, including rulers, rollerball pens and the award winning eWood.

Evolve Equipment Management Director Laurence Cristante said it was easy for offices, small and large, to become a part of the "green" machine, which reaped economic as well as environmental benefits.

"Evolve is committed to caring for our environment and by implementing recycle and reuse philosophies, and participating in the "Close the Loop" program, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint," Mr Cristante said.

"We also sell and service Kyocera office products. Kyocera has a corporate edict to minimise financial and ecological waste and their innovative technology and products dramatically lower the cost of ownership and servicing, whilst eliminating or reducing environmental pollution," he said.

"Kyocera has ISO 14001 SAI Global Accreditation for their Integrated Environment Management System and through their KyoCollect Recycling program, they deliver 100% zero waste sent to landfill for the disposal of your Kyocera print consumables and waste."

Evolve Equipment Management are pleased to offer the following "Top Tips" on being "Green" in the Office.

  • Did you know it takes 10 times more energy to produce a sheet of paper than it does to print on it? Make sure you print double-side and only print what you really need.
  • When you leave for the day / weekend, turn your machines off. This makes environmental and economic sense. The Carbon Trust has estimated that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% just by switching off. 66,000 homes could be powered by the energy we waste annually by leaving devices on charge.
  • Reduce all sleep times on office printers, copies and multifunction devices to 5-minutes or less.
  • Change light bulbs to energy efficient ones.
  • Every single application on your computer consumes energy, so think about whether you really need that widget on your deskptop.

Evolve Equipment Management – Caring for the Environment.

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