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Please download the latest software upgrade for ActivInspire 1.6, which has a range of new enhancements.

Promethean Active Board

Find award winning new classroom technology, Activboard Interactive Whiteboard, at Evolve Equipment Management. Our specialists deliver professional service accross North Queensland in Promethean classroom equipment.

Promethean whiteboards offer a completely new classroom experience for teachers and students. Activboards combine the operations of a whiteboard, computer and projector to create an interactive experience where anything that can be achieved with a mouse and computer can be achieved with the touch sensitive board and interactive response tools to allow full student participation and engage students with vivid images, vidoeo and audio.

Evolve Equipment Management can provide you with a full range of electronic interactive boards, pointers, accessories and resources.

Promethean whiteboards support you with training services to educators and curriculum materials.

Evolve Equipment Managment are:

  • A Local Company
  • The only local Promethean reseller with current GITC accreditation in NQ
  • Training Provided by a qualified Certificate IV Trainer
  • Promethean Active Board
  • Local Support & Knowledge to Schools
  • Current areas of service are from Mackay in the south through to the Thursday Islands in the north and everywhere in between, including, but not limited to: Proserpine, Whitsunday, Bowen, Gumlu, Home Hill, Ayr, Giru, Townsville, Magnetic Island, Bushland Beach, Ingham, Lucinda, Cardwell, Tully, Mission Beach, Innisfail, Gordonvale, Port Douglas, Daintree, Cooktown, Hopevale, Lockhart River and Bamaga.
  • Digital Technology - Enables for upgrades in the future
  • Loads of FREE resources from www.prometheanplanet.com
  • Australian content for lessons with more always being created
  • Add on peripherals, made by Promethean not a third party
  • All staff are current Blue Card holders and have Evolve ID tags when on site
  • GITC Accreditation No Q-3698

Available to buy, hire or service in North Queensland - Cairns, Townsville, Mackay.

ActivInspire - 1.6

The new version of ActivInspire 1.6 is available to download from Promethean Planet from today, 17th October 2011. The new version has several new enhancements including:

  • A new 'Equation Editor' to enable equations to be added to a flipchart page and to Questions
  • Automatic 'Check for Updates', so that users are prompted to get the latest version
  • The ability to import questions into Question Manager from Microsoft Excel
  • Additional intelligence features such as remembering the last 'Colour' / 'Pen Width' used and the 'Revealer' position
  • The addition of vertical text capability in appropriate environments
  • Many more usability enhancements based on valuable feedback from our existing user base

ActivInspire v.1.6.43431 - More Detailed Specs & Functionality Changes

  • Pen tool remembers last used colour next time the program is started.
  • Pen tool remembers last used width next time the program is started.
  • Can change pen tool cursor so that is displayed above the annotation, below the annotation or it is switched off completely.
  • The select colour used in page browser has been changed so it is clearer which pages are selected.
  • Can import questions into question manager from Microsoft Excel files (Windows Only).
  • There is a new right click menu when the pen tool is selected to enable user to change to select tool quickly.
  • Vertical text can now be added to the flipchart page. This is a separate tool from the existing text tool. It is available for Windows users only when on a Japanese OS or when ActivInspire is run in Japanese. It can be selected from Tools menu or by adding the button to the main toolbox.
  • Equation Editor: A new tool is available to allow you to create equations and add them into the flipchart page. These can be edited once on the page.
  • Equations into Questions: A new button is available on question and option text boxes when creating questions. These open the equation editor.
  • Auto Update: From 1.6 onwards the program will automatically check for updates when you start it up. If updates are available it will display a prompt so you can choose whether to update immediately or not. This can be switched off in settings if you don't want to do this every time you start the application.
  • Default time for self paced tests has been increased to 5 minutes. This time is still editable but helps new users who are still learning the self paced functionality.
  • Page notes formatting is now separate from flipchart page text formatting. The text properties used in the page notes are remembered the next time page notes are used. Changing the text formatting on the flipchart page will not affect the text properties in the page notes and vice versa.
  • It is now possible to word seed numeric answers.
  • When hovering over a word seed object a tooltip is displayed that conveys voting information.
  • Ruler Angle: The ruler now displays a positive and negative angle when rotating.
  • Reveal Tool: Page tools setting is automatically set to revealer for that page when the revealer position is set. In previous versions it would remain at As before meaning it would take the tool setting from the previous page when it should have forced the reveal tool on.
  • Change the outline width of shape and connector objects - If you have a shape or connector object selected you can change the outline width by using the pen width tools. Either click on the pre-selected width or use the width scroll bar and the outline will be immediately updated.
  • Create Shapes from Centre. The user input setting 'Create shapes by dragging from' setting is used to determine whether shapes are drawn from the top left or the centre. It is now possible to use the right click option to create a shape using the opposite method as that currently set. For example, you may want the majority of your shapes to be drawn from the top left but your circles to be drawn from the centre. In this instance have the setting as Top Left but use the right click button when drawing your circles and they will draw from the centre.
  • Enhancement to the number of characters allowed in a self paced test question. You are no longer limited to entering 25 characters into answers on a self paced question set. Instead you are limited to 512 characters in total - including the question and all the answers. A helpful character count has been introduced so you can see how many characters you have used.

ActivInspire v.1.6.43431 - Bug Fixes

  • Correction made to French About information.
  • Inserting a self paced question set no longer removes content from the page when a template is not being used.
  • Correction made to Italian object property translation.
  • Exporting flipchart to pdf now saves as flipchart name by default.
  • Problems filling single Arabic characters have been resolved.
  • Bullet points now display correctly when editing Arabic text.
  • Now prompted to confirm when deleting voting results.
  • Can now start Windows on-screen keyboard using Windows 7 64 bit.
  • Drawing lines with protractor, ruler & set square now behaves the same for all 3 tools.
  • Incorrect pin entry during device registration will no longer cause problems.
  • Angles drawn using the set square are now joined up.
  • Problems with the French translation of bring to front & send forward are now resolved.
  • Translation problems in Swedish have been resolved.
  • Removing students from a voting group no longer causes problems on subsequent voting sessions.
  • Using multiple flipcharts with Question Manager no longer causes problems.
  • Can now drag flipcharts from the resource library onto the flipchart page.
  • When registering engage clients the instructions within the registration now display the correct information.
  • Object layering has been improved.
  • Marking a student as absent will no longer include them in the percentage created in the voting results.
  • Settings are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Page links in notebook files are imported correctly.
  • Compass tool correctly conforms to the Tool Text colour setting.
  • Position action behaves correctly when applied to a container.
  • Text can now be dragged onto the flipchart page from Word 2008 on the Mac.
  • Adding an image to a page when the page is very long will add it to a visible area of the page and not just the centre, where it may not be visible.
  • Maths tools are opened in the correct position when the flipchart page is very long.
  • When turning to a long page the focus will be at the top of the page.
  • Copying an object that has an action removed no longer causes the program to crash.
  • Updating to 1.6 from 1.4 or 1.5 will not change the default tool setting.
  • In personal mode the tooltip displayed when trying to select locked objects no longer advises the user to change into design mode.
  • Changing the page height when viewing the flipchart in Fit to height page scale will correctly display scrollbars when required.
  • Objects can be added over the world colour without experiencing a resize problem.
  • User defined button tooltips now display when the toolbox is docked to the top.
  • Express poll no longer offers multiple response options when using Activote devices.
  • Tickertapes created in v3 software will display correctly when opened from ActivInspire.
  • Magic Ink no longer leaves an "imprint" of the underlying object when being moved.
  • When toolbox is docked to the top the correct tools are displayed and the toolbox options menu is displayed. The user is prompted to restart inspire as this may be required to ensure the toolbox is displayed correctly.
  • Whilst in desktop annotate mode the ability to edit backgrounds has been disabled.
  • Copying connectors, using connectors from the resource library and using the connectors in the Containers made easy 2 resource pack no longer cause ActivInspire to crash.

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