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Audio Visual from Evolve Equipment Management. We design, supply, install and service educational and business audio visual systems. We have been helping corporations, schools and small businesses and one in the same install the most suitable AV solutions for their operations throughout North Queensland for the past 10 years.. Evolve's specialist staff will deploy their knowledge and technical expertise to provide solutions to handle a room of any size, ranging from classrooms through to large halls.

Evolve Equipment Management Audio Visual will supply and install equipment to suit your requirements and budget. Our service and commitment will start from the initial brief, then move through the stages to design, installation and commissioning.

Importantly, and best of all, you will only deal with one company, Evolve, through the entire commissioning of the project.

Today’s Audio Visual is about fitting the right technology into a physical space to deliver content that will inform, educate and inspire. Well thought out, designed and planned AV best leverages ICT Systems by integrating with the organisation’s devices, applications and infrastructure.

Evolve Equipment Management provides total end-to-end solutions for clients by providing the understanding, knowledge, recommendations, installation and ongoing maintenance that suits all situations, from the simplest AV system to those with the highest performance expectations.

AV implementations often form part of a new building fit-out so they need to align with the construction process: from complementing the architect’s style, working with other building trades and through to on-going operations.

All AV solutions provided by Evolve Equipment Management are developed and implemented with a consultative approach that involves working directly with our clients. We validate this approach by providing AV solutions that meet the specific user's needs, fit the budget, and leave no horrible surprises of cost variations, missing functionality, or under-performing systems. We deliver the best results.

Evolve Equipment Management's AV team supplies, installs and services the following:

  • Design & Manage Projects
  • Projection Screens
  • Interactive Panels
  • Projectors for Education, Commercial, Large Venue and Home Theatre applications
  • Signage and Interactive Displays
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Speakers PA Systems
  • Lighting and Curtains

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Audio Visual Systems Service from Evolve

Now that you have made a very important investment in your audio-visual equipment, Evolve Equipment Management also provides you with after-sales services. We have a fully equipped workshop that will take the worry out of caring for your projector. We are also an authorised Epson service and warranty repairer.

Dust filters need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that your projector is properly ventilated and doesn’t overheat. This is vital to the life of both the projector and lamp. Our trained technicians can visit your premises to clean these filters, adjust the image, clean lenses and carry out certified servicing of your equipment.

Naturally, extended use or a dusty environment will necessitate more frequent cleaning. Many problems can result from allowing the filters to become clogged. Your digital projector is a valuable asset – a little maintenance will allow it to perform as it was designed to do!

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Services provided by Evolve Equipment Management:
  • Removal of projector from mounting and remount projector
  • Clean the projector, lens; Clean the filters
  • Reset the timer and check the lamp status
  • Check the security of all brackets and fixings
  • Check all cabling and conduit is secure
  • Re-calibrate the interactivity functionality
  • Provide a full audit inventory of your equipment, including serial numbers
  • Suggest any future replacements and/or upgrades for development budgets
  • Our AV technicians are Epson trained and certified
  • Our AV technicians are Crestron trained

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Small Business to Corporate Audio Visual solutions that meet your needs and fit the budget.. We deliver the best results.


Educational Audio Visual solutions that meet your needs and fit the budget.. We deliver the best results.

Custom AV Solutions

Unsure if an off-the-shelf product will meet your requirements for your venue? Evolve can create a custom AV Solution for any needs!

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Log a AV service job for your audio visual equipment. Evolve are available for onsite and remote support.