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How do I find my PC or Laptop Number?

You will find your Evolve PC number on the outside case of your desktop OR on the bottom near the battery on your laptop.

My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?

Check the computer's power cord to make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket. Alternatively try powering it from a different power point to eliminate the possibility of a tripped circuit or faulty outlet.

It was working yesterday & now it is not working anymore?

IT is a very dynamic environment, software updates (windows patches, drivers, 3rd party Software) can affect the daily running on your computer. Hardware failure may also attribute to your device not working.

Why do emails go to SPAM / quarantine?

Spam filtering are becomimg more rigorous. Webmail providers are simply cracking down harder on spam emails. However, the filters aren’t 100% accurate, so sometimes legitimate emails caught in spam too.

Will Antivirus Protect me 100%?

Unfortunately no, you will still need to be vigilant when surfing the web or opening suspicious email. If you do not recognise the sender or if it is at all suspicious, DO NOT open any links on the email or forward suspicious emails to anyone.

My internet is not working

It is not uncommon for a modem or network router to encounter problems that prevent one or more devices from connecting to the network. To help verify this is not the problem, disconnect the power from the back of the modem and router. Once disconnected, wait 10-15 seconds and then reconnect the power. Wait several minutes for the modem and router to reconnect to the Internet, then test the Internet connection on your computer.

How to prepare for the end of Windows 7

Microsoft is ending extended support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020. Now is the time to start planning your upgrade to Windows 10. Click here for more information

What is two-factor authentication – also known as 2FA?

2FA is a method of confirming a user's claimed identity by utilizing something they know such as a password and a second factor other.

Why is 2FA important to my network?

2FA could drastically reduce the incidence of online identity theft and other online fraud, because the victim's password would no longer be enough to give a thief permanent access to their information.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed Services is the industry standard for the packaging of IT maintenance, IT servicing, network security and support. Click here for more information