07 4080 2000

I have lines on my copies and scans but not on my prints

If black streaks or dirt appears in the copies or scans when using the optional document feeder, clean the slit glass with the supplied cleaning cloth.

When using the document processor that features dual scanning, clean the dual scanning unit also.

NOTE: Wipe the slit glasses with the dry accessory cloth. Do not use water, soap or solvents for cleaning.

1)  Remove the cloth from the cleaning cloth department
2)  Open the document processor and wipe the slit glass (a)
3)  Wipe the white guide (b) on the document processor
4)  If you are using the dual scan document processor, open the top cover of the document processor and wipe the glass (scanning unit)
5)  Wipe the white roller

6) Close the document processor top cover and return the cleaning cloth to the cleaning cloth compartment