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Copy/Print/Scan FAQs'

How do I find my Machine Number?

How do I print a status page on a Kyocera device?

How can I check the toner levels on my Kyocera device?

How do I get a meter read on my Kyocera device?

I can’t print from the computer to the copier.

I have lines on my copies and scans but not on my prints

My print device is printing white lines/blank lines.

Where can I find the print driver?

Colours on page appear faded/not the right colour/out of alignment.

What brands of machines do you service?

What’s included in a general service?

Do you have a guarantee on your work?

Is my machine under warranty?

What are your labour charges?

Why should I use genuine toner cartridges?

What do I do with my empty toner cartridges?

How do I private print?