Our Environment Footprint

Our Environment Footprint

Our Environment Footprint

Evolve Equipment Management recognises that responsible environmental management is an integral element of our responsibility to our clients, the community and other stakeholders.

We are committed to respecting our environment with a view to the future and our next generation.




Evolve will comply fully with environmental legislation and will commit to continued efforts to:

icon-wheatMinimise the extent of the environmental impact of its operations, as far as is reasonably practicable.


icon-wheatEndeavour to perform business electronically, to reduce paper usage.


icon-wheatMinimise waste and develop, implement and operate environmentally sound waste management procedures and encourage appropriate

        conservation, re-use and recycling.


icon-wheatEmbrace the use of recycled materials and ensure that materials or waste generated by the business are recycled, where appropriate.


icon-wheatAvoid wherever practical the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment.


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