The importance of data backup

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The importance of data backup

The importance of data backup

Backing up your data is one of those jobs we often forget about or only do every now and then - when we remember. But what would you do if your data was accidently deleted or your network was hacked & your data encrypted. 

Don't wait until the unthinkable happens - Act now to make sure you have the best data back up system in place. 



Data Backup Options

There are a number of data backup options. It's important to choose the right option for you and your organisation. 


Offsite Solutions:

Cloud backup

Cloud backups can be run on software (such as Veeam) which allows organisations to back up their data to hardware in a remote location i.e The Cloud. This is a great option for offsite backup as it is encrypted, requires authentication and is a hands-off method for the business. Restoration points can be captured more frequently due to availability of large amounts of storage space.


External Hard Drives

Another form of offsite backup includes rotating hard drives, this is where data is encrypted and backed up to an external hard drive. The business needs to rotate these drives, the idea being that one or many hard drive/s are always offsite as a form of data recovery in the case of an onsite disaster. 


Onsite Solutions:

Backup Servers & Network Attached Storage

An onsite solution involves taking backups of data and storing them on a secondary backup server or network attached storage (NAS). This is a fast recovery method and is a highly secure option and should be paired with an offsite solution to cover your business in the case of an onsite disaster.



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