Multifunction Devices

Multifunction Devices

Multifunction Devices

Kyocera awarded Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand 2018-2021

Print + Copy + Scan + Fax* *Fax optional on some models. 

Evolve can supply multifunction devices for home offices, small business, corporate and educational organisations . 

Explore the powerful potential of our range of products to serve your business needs and improve productivity, efficiency and agility. They all benefit from Kyocera's robust and innovative technology and low running costs. 


The Kyocera ECOSYS and TASKalfa range provides a solution to all business needs

Kyocera is known for their reliability, efficiency and productivity, offering high quality scanning, copying and printing for businesses of all sizes.

tickLowered cost of ownership through servicing and consumables.

tickHigh uptime, thanks to innovative and steadfast engineering. 


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M2040DN - 40ppm A4 Mono MFP *no fax

M2040DN* - With a print speed of 40 pages per minute, it will surely help boost the productivity in their respective workgroups. *No fax

M2540DN - 40ppm A4 Mono MFP

ECOSYS M2540DN - With a print speed of 40 pages per minute the ECOSYS M2540dn device is ready to become a key player in your office.

M2635DN - 35ppm A4 Mono MFP

The ECOSYS M2635dn is the most affordable model MFP and is perfectly suited for demanding desktop users and small workgroups

M2640IDW - 40ppm A4 Mono Wi-Fi MFP

The ECOSYS M2640idw marks the very best of our new ECOSYS series with remarkable speed in every aspect and has a very low TCO.

M2735DW - 35ppm A4 Mono Wi-Fi MFP

The ECOSYS M2735DW has various connectivity features such as Wi-Fi Direct print, copy, colour scan & fax functionality. 

M3550IDN - 50ppm A4 Mono MFP

ECOSYS M3550IDN - With speeds of up to 50 ppm, the ECOSYS M3550idn is designed to handle even the largest print runs.

M3645DN - 45ppm A4 Mono MFP

ECOSYS M3645DN - This MFP is made for dynamic teams (small to large) with high demands to versatility and productivity. 

M3645IDN - 45ppm A4 Mono MFP

This 45 ppm MFP is the best choice for demanding work groups (small to large) looking for a compact with outstanding low running costs.

M3860IDN - 60ppm A4 Mono MFP

M3860idn - This powerful MFP, with speeds of up to 60 ppm, is designed to handle large print runs at an extremely low cost per page.

M4125IDN - 25ppm A4/A3 Mono MFP

M4125idn - a A4/A3 mono MFP with 25 page per minute efficiency (A4) for small teams looking for functionality, usability & compact size.

M4132IDN - 32ppm A4/A3 Mono MFP

The M8124cidn brings color & high-level functionality to offices that demand superior performance in a cost-effective, small footprint MFP.

M5521CDN - 21ppm A4 Colour MFP

P5021CDN - Printing 21ppm its compact in size, this economical device is ideal for entry level student and home use. 

M5521CDW - 21ppm A4 Colour WiFi MFP

M5521CDN - Printing 21ppm its compact in size, this economical device is ideal for entry level student and home use.  Plus it has Wi-Fi!

M5526CDN - 26ppm A4 Colour MFP

The new ECOSYS M5526cdn combines the best colour quality with the lowest of costs – and it will ease your workflow significantly, too.

M5526CDW - 26ppm A4 Colour WiFi MFP

The new ECOSYS M5526cdw has a fast print speed of 26ppm - in both mono and colour and it has Wi-Fi Connectivity!

M6230CIDN - 30ppm A4 Colour MFP

This new A4 colour device is designed for medium and large-sized work groups, offering both reliability & fast output speeds.

M6630CIDN - 30ppm A4 Colour MFP

This A4 colour device is designed specifically for medium and large-sized work groups, offering both reliability and fast output speeds.

M6635CIDN - 35ppm A4 Colour MFP

This A4 colour device is designed specifically for medium, large-sized work groups, offering both reliability and fastest 35ppm output.

M8124CIDN - 24ppm A4/A3 Colour MFP

An A4/A3 colour copier brings color and high-level functionality with 24 page per minute productivity ideal for small teams.

M8130CIDN - 30ppm A4/A3 Colour MFP

The M8130cidn is designed with Kyocera’s advanced award-winning ECOSYS technology, it prints A3 and up to 30 ppm.

TASKalfa 2553ci-Colour 25ppm A3 MFD

A3/A4 colour MFP with advanced functionality, usability, and customisation options. Print speeds of 25 ppm.

TASKalfa 3212i - Mono 32ppm A3 MFD

The Taskalfa 3212i monochrome Multi-Functional Product with 32ppm efficiency and is perfect for small to medium sized offices & workgroups.

TASKalfa 3253ci-Colour 32ppm A3 MFD

32ppm effortless operation whether printing, copying, scanning or faxing, will ensure maximum productivity and optimum results - every time.

TASKalfa 351ci -Colour 35ppm A4 MFD

The TASKalfa 351ci is perfect where a compact size on a desk or under the desk and quick, productive and efficient operations are required.

TASKalfa 356ci- Colour 35ppm A4 MFD

The amazing TASKalfa 356ci has been designed to pack the punch of our larger A3 products - but in an A4 footprint!

TASKalfa 4012i - Mono 40ppm A3 MFD

An A4/A3 monochrome Multi-Functional Product with 40ppm efficiency is perfect for small to medium sized offices and workgroups.

TASKalfa 4053ci-Colour 40ppm A3 MFD

40ppm A3 - This colour MFP provides superb image quality and solutions for all of your document requirements.

TASKalfa 406ci- Colour 40ppm A4 MFD

The amazing TASKalfa 406ci has been designed to pack the punch of our larger A3 products - but in an A4 footprint!

TASKalfa 5003i - Mono 50ppm A3 MFD

This 50 pages per minute Black and White MFD will take care of the heaviest of workloads with its wide range of solutions.

TASKalfa 5053ci-Colour 50ppm A3 MFD

Speed, versatility, and quality in one device. With print speeds of 50 ppm, this is the colour multifunctional printer your workplace needs.

TASKalfa 6003i - Mono 60ppm A3 MFD

Super-fast 60ppm mono MFD with enhanced security & usability. Enjoy reliable, efficient, high-quality printing.

TASKalfa 6053ci-Colour 60ppm A3 MFD

The TASKalfa 6053ci is the productivity hub of your office. Featuring award winning reliability, high-quality, vibrant colour prints

New TASKalfa 7003i - Mono 70ppm A3 MFD

 TASKalfa7003i incorporates extremely durable components that guarantee efficient and reliable operation.

New TASKalfa 7353ci-Colour 73ppm A3 MFD

The TASKalfa 7353ci incorporates extreme durability & top class efficiency to meet the demanding requirements of busy office environments.

New TASKalfa 9003i - Mono 90ppm A3 MFD

This high-performance MFD is one of the best on the market, deliverying high quality B&W print results at as much as 80 prints per minute.

New TASKalfa 8353ci-Colour 83ppm A3 MFD

The TASKalfa 8353ci provides remarkable productivity and maximum flexibility to meet the needs of busy office environments.